In addition to crating, full service packing and an unparalleled moving experience, Firefighting’s Finest offers secure warehouse storage for short term or long term storage needs. Our state-of-the-art warehouses provide you with a level of security not possible with traditional self-storage. Our warehouses are climate controlled, with police and fire alarms as well as limited access for customers and even employees.

Short-term storage is for customers that need storage from 1 day to up to 60 days. This type of storage is a perfect fit for those needing a simple, all-inclusive moving and storage provider that provides a secure, limited access storage facility. Firefighting’s Finest short term storage has the advantage of having all of your items pad wrapped, stretch wrapped, inventoried and handling reduced to a minimum due to the configuration of our warehouses. Items will not need to be walked down long hallways or loaded into elevators. These advantages are not always available at traditional self-storage. In addition, self-storage does not offer any level of liability at no additional cost to you in the event of loss or damage to your belongings.

StorageLong-term storage at Firefighting’s Finest warehouses is very similar to and has the same advantages of short-term storage but is for customers needing storage longer than 60 days. At the Fort Worth location, Firefighting’s Finest uses vaults for long term storage. Vaults have the advantage of having your items handled the least, securely compartmentalized in containers that provide an additional level of security and protection. Vaults are a great option for a few items all the way to your entire house. Each vault can handle about 1 to 1 ½ rooms of furniture or around 1,000 lbs. Our vaults are brought to your residence or business, the vaults will be loaded and unloaded on site allowing you to observe the handling of all of your items and loading on site allows for a more accurate inventory of each vault. Prep work for utilizing vaults includes all items pad wrapped, all items stretch wrapped and each item identified by marking it and inventorying. The level of security and protection with vaults is unmatched and is ideal for all customers wanting an extra level of care for their belongings.

In addition, Firefighting’s Finest offers cold storage for computer equipment, pianos and other items that need to be kept colder than normal. With rack, pallet and document storage available as well, Firefighting’s Finest can accommodate any of your warehousing needs.

With many great options, Firefighting’s Finest warehouses are the ideal companion to the unparalleled customer service that Firefighting’s Finest crews provide.

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